It can be really difficult having to live away from family and friends. Adults at the home support children and young people in overcoming their anxieties and fears.

Here are just a few reasons why young people become ‘looked after’:

“My parents broke up and I found it hard to cope. I stopped going to school and got myself in trouble with the Police all the time. Both my parents couldn’t cope with me!”

“I’ve been in loads of homes. I don’t like getting use to the staff, there’s no point, because they keep moving me on. They say I got some problem with my behaviour and I should take the tablets. It’s the tablets that are making me feel daft. I don’t think I’ll be here long!”

“I was seeing this guy who said he really liked me. It was a laugh and all my friends were dead jealous. He was a lot older than me and it was really exciting. I didn’t listen to my friends. I didn’t listen to my Dad … . His mates seemed cool. I wasn’t ready … .”

It can be difficult with lots of ups and downs along the way. Many young people who have lived with us for a while and leave, keep in touch with the home and its staff.