Greenfield House meets the needs of children between 11 and 17 who require an enhanced degree of nurturing and empathetic care and support over the medium to long term.
We support children and young people with a wide range of needs as a result of social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties, which may be related to early life experiences or more recent ones.
Greenfield House is able to support up to seven children of any sex, gender, sexual orientation, racial, cultural and religious background, offering an opportunity to develop and progress in a stable environment

Our staff provide an innovative and proactive approach to the young people with education and care staff working together to produce a high-quality care plan tailored to meet their individual needs. The team at Greenfield House work with young people who may have experienced physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect.

Our dedicated staff team support children with a wide range of needs as a result of social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties, which may be related to early life experiences or more recent ones.

Through the development of trusting relationships based on non-judgemental care, acceptance, and empathy, we help children and young people feel safe and secure, providing them with a platform from which they can progress and integrate with the local community and nearby resources and facilities.

This work is augmented by the education team at Arnfield Independent School who support children and young people through on-site classroom-based education, outdoor education, and participation in the ASDAN personal development programme

This wraparound approach provides a comprehensive level of care and support which enables many of the young people at Greenfield House to move towards more mainstream provision where they can feel safe, secure and achieve both academically and socially through building positive friendships within the community.

    All of our work is tailored to meet individual needs, and can include any combination of the following elements, all of which are fully integrated into the services we provide:

  • Initial assessment of the young person to identify their needs, including a report from the Educational Psychologist detailing recommendations regarding present and future care provision, together with health and educational assessments
  • Introduction to a dedicated key team set up to provide nurturing and young person-centred support
  • Use of Reward and Positive Reinforcement to encourage engagement in positive behaviours, routines and promote a sense of self worth and belief
  • IEP and educational provision tailored to the young person’s level of attainment and need
  • Outdoor education programme aimed at increasing their confidence and self-worth; this is integrated with classroom based education for consistency and progression.
  • Promoting positive behaviour and relationships programme under the guidance of the Educational Psychologist.
  • Incentivised programmes developed to help encourage the young person to engage with others, make positive contribution, recognise achievement and expand life choices.
  • Therapeutic work with the young person
  • Supporting young people to build positive relationships with family members if appropriate.
  • Meet all health needs, and engagement in developing healthy lifestyle routines.


Statement of Purpose