About our Outdoor education


Outdoor Education is an integral part of life at Arnfield Care. It forms part of the educational provision for young people, promoting physical and emotional well-being.  Arnfield Care holds one of the broadest ‘Adventure Activity’ licences available in the UK and offers a dynamic and diverse range of adventure activities in challenging environments.

We introduce young people to as many different activities as possible and help them to achieve high levels of proficiency in a range of outdoor adventure activities and environments.  Progress in Outdoor Education is accredited internally and externally using AQA, ASDAN and National Governing Body award schemes.  All activities, although challenging, are managed effectively and safely by our highly qualified, motivated and experienced Outdoor Education instructors.

There are opportunities to take part in residential expeditions all over the UK from multi-day river journeys to coast-to-coast bike trips. These allow for a time of reflection away from the home and to develop self-reliance, decision-making skills and confidence.  These powerful residential experiences are a means to change young people’s perception of themselves; to challenge and build upon their beliefs, motivating and developing their minds and their bodies.

As part of the newly launched, in 2018, Project Based Learning curriculum young people are encouraged to engage fully in the planning of these residential expedition experiences; from route selection to budgeting, and, cooking.  Participation in Outdoor Education helps prepare young people for some of the challenges that they may face in the future.

Arnfield Care Ltd works closely within the guidelines laid down by the Health & Safety Executive, The Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 2004 and the following
Code of Practice (shown here in outline only).

Arnfield Care Ltd is licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Service (AALS) to undertake outdoor activities. AALS is the government-authorised body that regulates activities for young people up to the age of 18 years. Click here to see what our licence covers.

The National Governing Bodies which oversee the activities undertaken as part of Arnfield Care’s programmes are:

Mountain Leader Training United Kingdom (MLTUK)

British Canoe Union (BCU)

British Caving Association (BCA) and

Royal Yachting Association (RYA).

Copies of the syllabuses for all National Governing Body Awards referred to in this Code of Practice are available for inspection at Arnfield Tower Activity Centre.